How can I get a hotel room at a cheaper rate?

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How can I get a hotel room at a cheaper rate?

How can I get a hotel room at a cheaper rate?

For a business trip or to go on holiday, finding a hotel is not always easy, so much the choice is large. The search often focuses on the quality of service, but also and above all on the price. Are you looking for bargains? Here are our tips on how to get a hotel room at a cheaper rate.


Choose your dates of stay carefully

As you know, there are certain times of the year, even times of the week, that are more or less conducive to good plans. If you want to find a cheap hotel room, then avoid busy periods. At these times, demand is high and rooms are guaranteed to be full. Hoteliers therefore take advantage of this to increase their rates.
For example, it is advisable to go to the sea, or to very touristy destinations in winter, and to the mountains in summer, where hotels will certainly be cheaper. By travelling out of season, you avoid tourists, while spending less.
If you want to save money, travel during the week, especially avoiding Friday night, which is always the most expensive, and Saturday.
Are you spending several nights in the same hotel? Don't hesitate to ask for a small discount, it doesn't cost anything, and if kindly asked, the hotel owner will gladly accept.


Location scouting: conduct your survey before choosing your hotel

If you like risk, go on an adventure and book a cheap hotel at random. With a bit of luck, you'll find a decent establishment, but nothing is less safe.
To be sure to find a room at the best value for money, it is strongly recommended to make enquiries before booking. Hotel comparators, such as Booking or Tripadvisor, will give you an idea of the best offers for each hotel, as well as short term promotions for specific stays. They will offer you nights with incomparable value for money. Don't hesitate to visit several comparators, to avoid falsely attractive special offers from cheap hotels.
Also compare the quality of the hotel's services. There is no shortage of reviews on the Internet, and you can also see photos of visitors to give you a precise idea of the place. Sites such as Tripadvisor, or the Google search engine, record all the feedback from visitors. Be careful to remain objective, however, because many people complain about not much, or about things that don't bother you personally.
Finally, don't forget that the number of stars is not always a guarantee of the quality of the hotel. You can very well have a 4-star holiday rental with a room with decrepit walls and dirty sheets, but find a 3-star with fewer services, but of impeccable quality. Only the opinions of internet users will tell you!


To get a hotel room at a cheaper rate: book directly!

Have you found a good deal on a travel comparator? Don't rush, don't book on the spot. Be aware that these sites have very high commissions (up to 18%), and that the hotel pays a fee for each reservation made through their site. Thus, the hotel manager will surely prefer to have you live, even if it means offering you a commercial gesture.
So don't hesitate to call the hotel directly, specifying that you have seen their offer on a reseller site. For his part, he will not pay any commission, and you will most certainly pay even less.
Finally, the time of booking also has an impact on the price. If comparison sites advocate last minute, it's a risky solution, whereas if you do it in advance, you will be sure to get the best rates.
You now have all the keys to travel cheap and find hotels at the best prices. Whatever your destination, you will be sure to be able to stay in a room or suite at a low price for your next trip.

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