Organize a residential seminar in Paris

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Organize a residential seminar in Paris

Organize a residential seminar in Paris

Need to federate your team, to make it forget the daily business of the company? Why not organise a residential seminar in Paris? The Ampère Hotel tells you more.

What is a residential seminar?

A residential seminar is an excellent opportunity to change the company's tune for a day or more in a surprising place that seems far away from everything. Moreover, the distance from the company, the notion of a change of scenery, of travel seems important to the teams involved. 
Any opportunity to bring together and federate the teams during a residential seminar is excellent. It can be training of course, but also incentive, integration phase, management work or the construction of objectives by the management team or sales staff.  

The residential seminar: working in a serene atmosphere

Bringing a team together to achieve a common goal is not an easy undertaking. The best orchestras often rehearse their lines! Solos are planned, as are parts for certain wind or string instruments. So you, the conductor, must deal with the whims of stars like exploding egos. 
The residential seminar is an excellent way to do this in a context that is impossible to escape. It is essential to put the human being back at the centre of attention in order to achieve a common goal. Informal exchanges by email or telephone, cold communication, then give way to smiles, gestures, real men and women. 

Your residential seminar in Paris: where and how?

Organizing a residential seminar is a good way to convey a positive image of the company that employees and management will share on social networks. However, organizing a residential seminar raises many organizational issues. Location, transportation, number of participants, planning of activities, accommodation, catering... 
Of course, there are professionals dedicated to this type of activity, which sometimes exceeds the skills of the managers. But why not trust the structures of the Boutique Ampère hotel, a 4-star hotel whose structure and central location in Paris allow for residential seminars.

Why choose Paris to organize a residential seminar?

Paris is in the centre of France and easily accessible from anywhere in Europe and the Schengen area. Our hotel is located in the 17th district of Paris, just a few minutes from the Champs-Elysées. In addition to the facilities offered by the presence of numerous train stations, Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaulle airports, the proximity of intercity connections by metro, RER, tramway, bus... 
Paris is a concentrate of all the most modern activities that will seduce all your teams. Art, shows, sports, walks, 3D immersion in Paris, escape games, shopping, science, etc... The list of activities is endless, the choice is yours. We welcome you and the teams of the Ampère hotel will be at your service to answer your requests.

The Ampère hotel welcomes you for your residential seminar in Paris.

Our seminar offer consists first of all of modular rooms that can be developed on 125m² air-conditioned. In addition, the proposed space has three private lounges that can be used according to your organizational choices. All of this is fitted out with a luxury that will delight your participants. 
Working in a closed room seemed counter-productive to us, so we decided to open them to daylight, to an interior garden and of course, to equip them with the most modern technology. The rooms can accommodate up to 80 people.

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