Find a hotel room without carpet in Paris

Hotel Ampère thinks about its allergic guests, and offers hotel rooms without carpet or rugs!

Our rooms with parquet

Our 4-star hotel in Paris is both friendly and elegant. This requirement is renewed every day, for each customer, from check-in to the moment of your departure.

We have equipped our rooms with the latest technologies, and they are continually renovated to offer you maximum comfort! Thus, you stay in a magical and luxurious, which will allow you to forget the space of a moment the Parisian frenzy.

We care and take care of all our customers, without exception. With this in mind, we offer rooms with wooden floors, and therefore without carpet or carpet. In fact, the carpet attracts external pollutants, dust and mites, which can cause allergic reactions.

In addition, being very pleasant in terms of optics and immaculate cleanliness, our parquet floors also highlight the authenticity and design of our elegant comfortable rooms.

The advantages of parquet
Let's go back some years ... Originally used outdoors for temporary installations, it was only a few planks and nails.

It was not until the seventeenth century that the parquet entered the mores, then preferred to the slab or terracotta for its insulating characteristics.

During the nineteenth century, through the projects undertaken by Baron Haussmann, the floor becomes more popular and trendy. Over time, the finesse and quality of the materials are developing, and the parquet is today a very popular coating.

Classic, timeless and reliable, it has the advantage of easy maintenance and therefore impeccable hygiene! It offers especially thermal and acoustic insulation which will certainly be very appreciated during your stay ...

In addition, wood is a noble, elegant, natural and authentic material that creates a warm atmosphere. It is a solid floor full of character that lends itself to all environments: ethnic chic, Scandinavian, classic and authentic decor ....

Book a hotel room without carpet for your next stay in Paris, and enjoy an environment that will allow you to enjoy your holidays!

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